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Shop Now and Enjoy Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders Over $50! Your Favorites, Delivered to Your Doorstep at No Extra Cost. Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00
Shop Now and Enjoy Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders Over $50! Your Favorites, Delivered to Your Doorstep at No Extra Cost. Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00


Frequently asked questions


Do I have to use Supreme Whiskey Stones in house graphic designer or can I use my own?

You do not have to use Supreme Whiskey Stones in-house graphic designers. You are more than welcome to use your graphic designer, but you must provide a particular file called a vector file with your artwork.

What is a Vector File?

A vector file is an image that can scale to any size without losing its quality and clarity.

If you are using Supreme Whiskey Stones in-house graphic designer, you must provide a clear picture of your design. There will be an additional charge for using an in-house graphic designer. (photos should be in the file form of a JPG, SVG, PNG, PDF, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or EPS).

If you are providing your artwork. It must be in the file format of a vector file.

    You can send the approved files to the following email address:

Can I approve the artwork before engraving?

You will receive a black and white proof by email, which you will need to approve or make any necessary changes. Once you have approved, our graphic designers will proceed with your order. Unfortunately, once approved, we can no longer make any changes.

 Can I customize it?

Yes, you can customize. There is an additional charge depending on the type of customization requested. Prices may vary based on the product purchasing

What should you do if your barrel starts leaking?

Don't worry if water leaks from your barrel when you fill it up. This happens to almost every barrel at the beginning. The wood needs time to soak up the water or liquid, and it swells to close the gaps. It might take a while – a few days for small barrels and about a week for bigger ones. Usually, it's faster, but please wait for at least 5 days before telling us about the leak. We don't recommend using expensive liquor to cure your barrel because it might leak out. Water is a better choice and costs less.


How do I cure my barrel?

Begin by rinsing the barrel thoroughly, repeating the process three or four times to remove any wood debris.

Next, Fill the barrel with DISTILLED water and keep it full until any leaking stops. This could take anywhere from a minute to up to a week.

Once the barrel holds water for 3-5 hours, turn it upside down, and empty the water through the spout. Let the barrel sit in this position for about 3 hours to surface dry, ensuring your spirits won't get diluted.

Lastly, place the barrel on the stand with the spout facing up. Fill it with your preferred spirit, secure the spout with the screw-on stainless steel cap. Get ready for a taste adventure that's as swift as it is exciting! Buckle up and watch the magic unfold as your spirits transform in record time with our Vintage Fast Aging Barrel. Just a little patience, and you'll be savoring exceptional flavors that have aged 5 to 10 times faster than usual. Let the countdown to deliciousness begin!


Why is barrel curing important?

Our genuine barrels rely on pressure, not glue or nails, to stay together. Skipping the curing process can lead to a loose spigot and potential leaks until the barrel swells from the spirit. Curing not only prevents this but also reduces loss during the initial uses due to wood absorption.


How should I store the aging barrel?

Store the barrel in a cool environment away from direct sunlight. In particularly dry climates, consider wiping it with a damp cloth weekly to hydrate the wood externally and minimize evaporation. If you're not aging spirits, ensure the barrel contains water to maintain its integrity.


Can the barrel be placed in the fridge or freezer?

While the idea might be tempting, cold environments increase the risk of bacteria or mold growth on the wood. Moreover, warmth accelerates aging, so keeping the barrel cold slows down the process.


How many times is the barrel reusable?

With proper care, your barrel can be used for years. The number of uses depends on the duration of aging for each batch. Keep in mind that the barrel's aging efficiency will decrease over time.


My barrel has been dry for a while, and now it leaks. What should I do?

You can attempt to re-cure the barrel, though it might take longer this time. Using boiling water for the second curing round works best. Submerging the barrel can also help, even though it might affect its appearance. In some instances, there might be a small leak along a seam. If this happens, consider using barrel wax. Remember, every time the barrel dries out, it undergoes additional stress, so ensure it's filled with water this time!


Do you guarantee that the barrel works?

Absolutely, fast aging barrels are the real deal! These barrels are designed to accelerate the aging process of your spirits, bringing out incredible flavors in a fraction of the time compared to traditional aging methods. With advanced techniques and craftsmanship, fast aging barrels unlock a world of taste possibilities, making your spirits smoother, richer, and more nuanced in record time. So, if you're eager to experience the magic of aged spirits without the long wait, fast aging barrels are your go-to choice. Cheers to quicker sips and fuller flavors!


Keeping It Barrielicious: Cleaning and Storing Tips!


How often do I give my barrel a spa day?

When it comes to wine, make sure you give your barrel a cleanse every other round. But here's the cool part, with your spirits, no need to break out the cleaning gloves at all. However, a little TLC now and then doesn't hurt – run some cleaner and sanitizer through it, just for kicks!


Unleash the Full Cleaning Kit (Future Bundle)

  1. Dissolve the OxySan into 1 gallon of distilled water. Fill your barrel with this concoction and let it soak for a day of pure relaxation.
  2. After the soak, give it a good emptying and rinse it three times with hot water.
  3. Now, meet citric acid! Dissolve it into another gallon of warm water, fill the barrel, and let it soak for another day.
  4. Say goodbye to the citric acid, rinse your barrel three more times with hot water, and voilà!


Remember, barrels love a moist home to stay happy. But water-only living leads to a mold party – yuck! To kick mold to the curb, crush one campden tablet into the water (1 tablet for up to 4 liters) and boom, mold be gone!


Ideal For Wine Lovers

  1. Crush a campden tablet into a gallon of warm water, and let it work its sterilizing charm for 12-24 hours.
  2. Empty the barrel, pour in your wine – no need to rinse, we promise!


What's That Residue On The Side Of My Barrel?

When the spirits vanish like magic, they leave a delightful residue clinging to the barrel's surface. Consider this stickiness as a wholesome seal of authenticity. You can either treasure it or gently cleanse it away using a warm washcloth – the choice is yours, esteemed barrel steward."


Barrel Hibernation

Planning a barrel break? Fill it up with filtered or distilled water – and be a vigilant water watcher every few months. Before its triumphant return to action, a warm water flush and a sterilizing tablet tag team will prep it for spirit-filled adventures once again.


Is Your Glass Dishwasher Safe?

We take immense pride in the meticulous craftsmanship of our hand-painted glasses. As a result of the delicate and intricate nature of our designs, we recommend gentle hand washing to ensure their longevity and vibrancy. While our glasses are not dishwasher safe, taking a few extra moments to lovingly care for them will maintain their unique beauty and artistic flair for years to come.

So there you have it, barrel buddies – keeping it clean, storing it smart, and letting your spirits shine, one sip at a time!