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Box of Supreme Whiskey Stones


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 Introducing the Supreme Whiskey Stones set, a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts seeking the perfect way to chill their favorite spirits. This exquisite set includes a luxurious handcrafted wooden box, nine charcoal gray-colored soapstone rocks, a convenient velvet bag, and a pair of tongs for easy handling.

Crafted from nonporous soapstone, these whiskey stones offer a unique and innovative solution to keeping your liquor chilled without any dilution. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a few hours, then add them to your glass for a perfectly chilled drinking experience. Unlike ice cubes, these stones are odorless and flavorless, ensuring that your whiskey retains its original taste and aroma.

The Supreme Whiskey Stones set also includes a sophisticated velvet bag, providing an elegant and practical solution for storing and transporting the stones. This bag not only adds a touch of refinement but also safeguards the stones from picking up any unwanted flavors, ensuring the purest drinking experience every time.

With the included tongs, handling the whiskey stones is effortless and hygienic. The precision-engineered design allows you to add and remove the stones from your glass with ease, without compromising the cleanliness or integrity of your drink.

Elevate your whiskey-drinking ritual with the Supreme Whiskey Stones set. Experience the pleasure of savoring your favorite spirits at the perfect temperature, without the worry of dilution. This set is an ideal gift for whiskey lovers or a luxurious addition to your own collection. Indulge in the sophistication and convenience of this exceptional whiskey stones set.